Today's the last day work for me at HP. I start a new job here next week. It's very liberating to tender your resignation. You could resign too. Become an ordained minister. The Church of the SubGenius is looking......

Oh yeah, they're looking for a new Pope. Apply here

If you're a betting kind of person --- Pope odds

Pope Hat Chips


OK. So now I'm back from outer space.....
After a year and a half of down-time I decided to power up the blog again. Looking at the last couple of entries I see that my life has really moved on.

So.... time for a new look to the blog. Dots are good.


It seems that I haven't blogged in awhile........................
.............could be the new house and new baby........
......there is never enough sleep........


I had a John Denver moment last night. As I was getting ready for bed the words to the song "Thank God I'm A Country Boy" started running through my head. I remember my parents having this vinyl record floating around the house when I was a wee lad of about 6 years old. I loved singing along with John. I've discovered after doing a bit of digging that the album was called "Back Home Again" and it was released in 1974.

Where did that all that John Denver stuff come bubbling up from? It's along way from there to the here and now. Now I'm listening to Sigur Ros, Telefuzz, and Mozart.
Life ain't nothin' but a funny, funny riddle...


Got me a new hat with rabbit fur on it.
I'm sure some people will be upset.
My head is nice and warm in all this cold, snowy weather.


The weekend has come and gone. I survived the open house at the condo, the Space Shuttle disaster, and George Bush not pulling the trigger. I'm quite sad about the astronauts that lost their lives on the way home. Such remarkable, brave people pursuing science, knowledge, and personal dreams. I hope they get to travel space forever now.

It seems that George is taking a breather from pounding the war drums. He says he is willing to entertain a second U.N. resolution regarding Iraq. Is he finally listening to the rest of the world? I'm not convinced yet.
Tonight for dinner I'm going to have that classic 70's dish - tuna casserole. Oh yeah!


The condo is up for sale. More real estate stress. It's best not to think about it. We've moved to my inlaws house for a week. We're optimistic we can sell in a week. I hope so. My dog is having the time of his life at Grandma's. I think my father inlaw is sneaking him cheese and bits of salami.